Copper Is the New Silver

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Argent, Aug 16, 2011.

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    That's the bad news. The good news is that you can afford it at about a quarter US per troy ounce. You can buy a kilo bar for only twenty bucks! Extending to copper the revolutionary theory of Commodimetrics introduced here:

    the attached chartalysis screams that copper is a buy today! But remember, it's even cheaper if you steal it!
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    Did you know..the copper they use in live wires is worth twice as much? Food for thought.
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    Well it is in a good uptrend, did well in 1987;
    but Parabolic stop & reverse[psar] says sell:D

    So i mostly agree, it is an uptrend :cool: ;
    but its way too RISKY to steal, in TX they wil shoot /kill you like a dog for stealing!In many states shooing a thief @ night is perferctly acceptable.

    In muslim nations they cut off your hand for thieves;
    so no, way to much of a ''PAYDAY someday'' for a copper thief.
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    Thanks for sharing urinalysis. My only interest in copper, other than as a lame-assed excuse to post garbage, is that in the coming hyperdeflation, the penny will be the new dollar, and if I have have a few keys in my safe I can become a rich banker. In which case I am thinking of minting 100% copper pennies by sawing off rings from copper tubing. The large hole in the middle will both pre-debase and prevent further debasement.
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    Yes, the old copper derivative uptrend & cash copper uptrend.:cool: Investors & traders seem to prefer copper, or smaller banks ,smaller private banks,;
    rather than the old penny stocks like BAC, C:D