Coping with Depression following a major drawdown.

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  1. i've been trying differn't things with supplements and what seems to work is st john's wort and 5-htp maybe an hour or 2 before sleep. i wake up alot better and with alot less clogged up brain problems.
    a punching bag works great also:D
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    I faced a similar situation in 2000. I was short puts, over-leveraged when the market tanked. It was a very tough time psychologically. I gave up about 250K in a week.

    But it gave me a very valuable new respect for risk assessment and avoidance, and I've been profitable since.

    My suggestion is to back off, and understand what happened and why. If you then feel you can move on as a better trader, then continue. If you are still in doubt, or don't have a lot of confidence that you've uncovered and dealt with your faults, then stand aside until you do.

    Generally, the very best lessons are those that wack us the hardest, so long as we take something away from them.
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  3. Take a break. Refoucs, come back and get it all back, health and wealth-wise.

    Seems like everyone have a major DD these two months. I myself at 20% (of coz only a small $ figure) and my account is all I got.

    Many of the above contributions are great advices. Look at what went wrong, take corrective actions, then make a come back.
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  4. I'd get the **** outta dodge and head to an island for a few days. no tv. no news. rest, relax and think about nothing. make it a direct flight so connections can't bother you. take a limo to the airport so traffic doesn't bother you. Leave it at the door from the moment the break starts.

    Wife should understand that future financial plans depend on it. College for kids, roof over your head, everything. She and baby can come or not. If so you'll need time alone while away.

    Have an umbrella drink or good wine while away if you want and health allows but don't drown your sorrows with booze.

    It sure seems that when health and family are considered you might not want to continue trading for a year or so maybe. Deal with that when you get home.

    May even want to talk with a therapist.

    Get away and clear your head before you address the isssue. Been there. Done it. Helped to get away. Big time.

    (and btw- when you are on that island, you'll probably see that you have a lot and have accoplished a lot. most middle class americans are rich to most of the world)
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    I trust Purity products, they have PhD's and MD's and a great health researcher on the staff.

    Also, I bought some psyllium husk powder in bulk and take a spoon or two a couple times a day.

    For depression, some 5-htp taken at night helped me quite a bit, the Omega3 will help over the longer term, the other stuff above might help directly or might just make you feel better because of the health benefits. The Brain Vitality stuff is sort of surprising, after just 3 days of taking it some difficult tasks became very easy for me. I gave some to a girlfriend at work and she had the same result, about 3 days went by and she had a lot less complaints about her job.

    The longevinex is something else in it's own right. My dad's uncle was a crusty old guy, iron worker, drank lots of wine and smoked Pall Malls unfiltered for about 80 years, lived to be nearly a hundred. It had to partly be the Longevinex in the red wine, it's the stuff that keeps the French Healthy with their rich diet. I would drink wine but I'm allergic.

    These folks that are the oldest on the planet that give interviews are almost never finicky/healthfood eaters. The last one I heard about said his diet was nearly entirely pancakes and sausage, another one said she would eat anything as long as somebody else cooked it. It's not about the diet too much, could be genetics, but I am starting to think colon health could be a large factor. The Psyllium fiber is an ancient remedy for a messed up colon and there are a dozen more. I see some stuff on the web refuting the idea that plaque can build up in the colon but I know a doctor, she does autopsies, and she tells of pulling yards of the stuff out of colons and the look she gets on her face verifies to me that it is not supposed to be there and it cannot have been a good thing for the person.

    Anyhow, sorry for the long gruesome post. Happy trading to everybody.
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    That makes you a successful trader ... and your loss has nothing to do with stupidity ... trading is a business and loss is part of doing business

    ... you did a good thing; deciding not to trade for a day, but like many others my advise is you might want to rest more ...

    I'm sure you will be able to recover the loss in a few years or maybe shorter there is no need to rush.

    Good LUCK!
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  7. I am not really into supplements or any chemicals what so ever. So, this is my method coping with the mild depression.

    1. Eat chocolate... belive it or not chocolate, makes human brain reflect the feeling of being in love. ( Mostly for women though). Also if you eat enough of it, you will experience sugar rush. Now remember when you where 5 and had sugar rushes. Nothing depressing with that.

    2. Put on a Comedy Central. Even though most of the stuff will not make you laugh due to its stupidity. It will still make your day better, just a little bit. ( It's not on Comedy Central, but I recommend JAckass. Some classic that you can watch are SOuth Park, Seinfeld, Family Guy, etc.)

    3. Workout, join a sport team, join toastmasters. Just do something. Sports, in my opinion, are the greatest way to cope with depression. Play baseball, football, basketball, tennis, you can even play one of my favorite games, hockey. Make sure you stay active.

    My psychology professor once stated, " Depression derives from lack of activity. TO be more precise, from lack of physical activity. (Sports, workout). To deal with depression, you just have to get of your lazy ass, and do something with your self." Not precise words, of my professor. But, something in that nature. :)
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    thanks battle river and maxpi for the suggestions :)
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  9. I am about 50. I got laid off from a giant telecom R&D in NJ four year ago in a major corporate downsize. I took home equity loan, rented out my house and moved out of state. I started full-time trading in June last year with my 190K of IRA and 50K of my own saving. I trade individual stocks only. I made 15% total in the peak of last October. However, I made some big mistakes during market downturn in the past three months. I become 9% loss total so far. Above all, I emotionally made a mistake of selling my NJ home at a much below market price in January.--- contracted on last December and closed middle Jan. These two months major fed cuts made me realized that I should have hold it as a long term investment. I've been suffered anxiety depression these two months. I have all the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. I can't even manage my daily life well. I've never had this horrible experiences ever. Now I can only pray that I won't have physical problems coming soon.

    US and global market is going recession. Can I continue full-time trading at home for living? So far I have total only $210K assets (which include cash out from the sale of my NJ home) and 168K IRA. I have a child going to college this fall. I don't expect to become rich in stock trading, but I just need to make living. I tend mentally disturbed and sell when the stock falls below technical stand point. IRA account is difficult to trade and perform in this market. I need to have some serious advises how to do next about my cash and my IRA account.
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  10. I am sorry, really I am

    but you people are not very smart

    A REAL TRADER, can not lose so much like that

    A REAL TRADER knows what he is doing

    A REAL TRADER is not an investor

    A REAL TRADER does not care how economy is doing

    A REAL TRADER makes 100% return in 2-3 months

    it seems that there is only one real trader on these boards


    Real trader does not ask

    "US and global market is going recession. Can I continue full-time trading at home for living?"
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