copies of this were sold on Ebay +$1k

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  1. here is your early Xmas gift if you haven't watched it..

    For a strange reason Jones doesn't want you to watch this. hmm..

    what's most interesting is how he predicts the crash and follows the charts..


  2. hopeful


    Is there a link that works outside the US?
  3. Dogfish


    It works in Dubai (that's not in the US btw)
  4. Doesnt work in Japan either.....
  5. When it was removed from youtube ?
  6. bighog

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    You said COPIES of this (plural) were sold on e-bay for at least a grand.

    Prove that statement. :eek:

    PS: marketsurfer will be upset if that statement is true. :D

  7. lol

    original tapes were sold for $1k+ EACH.. I remember it well, not sure if you can find it on ebay now..
  8. I could not really follow it. Too much stopping and starting.
  9. Was MS selling copies illegally and for how much ?
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