Cop without an attitude

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bigarrow, Feb 21, 2012.

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  2. if he weren't being recorded, he woulda beat the crap outta that guy
  3. BSAM


    We got a lot of bad cops these days.

    Be careful out there.
  4. Hell here in Texas a cop would of beat the crap outta the guy even with him being recorded.
  5. My bet is he is a good cop. He played along with the guy, who most likely was trying to incite something more, but he ran into a cop that could think and perform his duty. I have come across more of them than the shit heads.
    I witnessed a situation at an airport where some dumb ass, who was obviously joking made a bomb comment going through a checkpoint. The Sheriff had to do his job. He was more than reasonable, and yea every idiot and their cousin had their cell phone camera out recording it, but they didn't catch the part where dumb ass made the comment. The sheriff didn't cause the problem, the dumb ass who despite signs and basic common sense thought he was funny and screwed everyone who had to wait while the sheriff dealt with him. Sheriff pulled him out of line after verifying the guy was just joking, and yea, he did a full pat down and questioning before he moved him to make sure he wasn't armed and dangerous.
    I also had the experience of having 2 city police come to my house after my son and his friend were shot at while driving through the city. The cops had armor under their uniforms and a vest on the outside. Are you kidding? You have to go to work wearing 2 armor vests, I guess I can see how you might be extra cautious or even be a prick to some knuckleheads. They were great and told my son and his friend what I told the 2 knuckleheads all the time, just don't drive through the city after 10 pm. What is funny about that is I would bet the morons would claim discrimination, yet no one mentioned the race of the individuals, just that it was in the city. To top it off they got shot at because a guy who ran in front of them had tried to stop a robbery and was running for his life. The shit head piles of crap were chasing him and shooting randomly.
    Cops are pretty much type A people and that is probably good overall, but as with every, and I do mean every profession there are bad people and they get the headlines and not the ones that do their job the right way day after day. Examples, teachers, priests, bankers, CEOs, doctors, and as is demonstrated almost daily here, traders.
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    Loved your comment. While I watched, I kept getting the feeling, too, that "Jeremy" was trying to incite something. I also want to know why he was stopped, what had he been doing previously. Police don't, usually, stop people randomly.


    R. Bryant
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  7. Lucrum


    He appeared to me to be open carrying. It's probably a safe bet someone called 911 and reported "a man with a gun". Which, given the guys camera, may very well have been his goal all along. To be approached by a LEO.

    I'm ALL for the 2nd amendment. Personally I think the constitution grants the right to carry without having to pay fees and jump through hoops to get a permit to do what the constitution already says I can do.

    I have skimmed over a number of guns forums recently, reading stories of armed citizens interacting with police.
    There are plenty of cops who are either ignorant of their own state firearms laws and or they simply don't like armed citizens. These guys do tend to and some apparently even enjoy harassing legally armed citizens. There seems to be a contingent of carrying citizens that make it their mission to "force the issue" so to speak. I think this guy is one of them.

    Me, I keep mine concealed even when I could/can open carry.
    It's sad and unfortunate but some people just cringe at the sight of a firearm.
    Why draw attention to yourself, who needs that kind of hassle?
  8. I don't feel safer when I see some of the scroungy looking people openly carrying guns. I don't see it in Texas but last year I was doing some work in AZ and it was common there. I remember one day at lunch at a salad bar there were several guys openly carrying pistols. One guy was poorly dressed and had an automatic almost falling out of his pocket, that sorry looking guy sure didn't make me feel safer. There was another guy in there with a gun stuck in his belt behind his back, he was also poorly dressed. I figured if a gun fight happened these guys would probably blow each others head off while I hit the exit door. The men may have been salt of the earth good guys, but they sure didnt' look it. And it would of been easy for someone close to them to take their gun. I thought they were dangerously careless. We weren't in the best part of Phoenix either, if I was going to carry a gun I'd make sure it was safely holstered, which it sounds like that is the way you are.
  9. Lucrum


    In their defense I doubt they're carrying for your safety
    It's not allowed in TX, for handguns anyway. In fact you can get arrested for your "concealed" handgun not being fully concealed.
    Sound wisdom.