Cop shoots woman in her backyard

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hughb, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Woman Shot By Deputy Remains Hospitalized; Deputy ID'd

    Deputy Luke Berhalter Placed On Leave After Shooting Jennifer Orey

    POSTED: 5:49 pm PDT August 21, 2012

    UPDATED: 5:56 pm PDT August 21, 2012

    SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego County sheriff's deputy who shot a Spring Valley woman in her backyard as he searched for a suspicious man was identified Tuesday.

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    Deputies were called to the 8900 block of Leigh Avenue shortly before 10:30 p.m. Sunday to investigate a suspicious man seen in the area wearing a ski mask, according to San Diego County sheriff's homicide Lt. Larry Nesbit.
    Deputies arrived and determined the man had left the area, walking away in an eastbound direction, Nesbit said in a statement.
    While checking for the man one to two blocks away from Leigh Avenue, deputies entered the backyard of a residence in the 200 block of Via Tapia, Nesbit said.
    "At some point, while in the backyard of the residence, there was contact between the deputies, who had their weapons drawn, and a female resident of the home," Nesbit said. "During that contact, one of the deputies fired from his service weapon. The female was struck in the arm by the round."
    On Tuesday, Deputy Luke Berhalter was identified as the law enforcement officer that opened fire on Jennifer Orey, who is retired from the U.S. Navy.
    10News learned the sheriff's department placed Berhalter on administrative leave pending an investigation.
    Jim Morgan, the shooting victim's brother, told 10News her injuries show that she was shot in the chest, and not in the arm as the sheriff's department reported. 10News learned the bullet went through her left breast, into her arm and through her pinky.
    "She's angry they don't want to be held accountable for they did … or take responsibility for their actions. She just wants them to own up to their mistake," said Morgan.
    "I told them I'm really pissed off," Orey's father, Dennis Morgan, told 10News on Monday. "I'm pissed off as hell. A cop could have very easily killed my daughter."
    According to her father, before she was rushed to the hospital, Orey had one question for the deputy.
    "After he shot her, she looked at him and said, 'Why did you shoot me?'" said Morgan.
    Orey told her father the deputy never answered her.
    San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore told 10News with assurance that Orey had been shot in the arm and that her pinky was "scratched."
    Gore said the deputies thought Orey's open gate looked suspicious, so they went into her backyard. The deputies ran into Orey, and one of them had a "spontaneous reaction."
    Authorities said they did not know exactly what prompted the shooting. They said Orey did not have anything in her hands and was not armed at the time.
    The case is being turned over to the district attorney
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    Notice how the sheriff says most assuredly that she was shot in the arm.

    Now go click the link and look at her picture.
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  4. #1) rule ALWAYS avoid COPS whenever you can.
    #2) Never let cops know you are observing rule #1.

    reason: 1)Cops are Armed and stupid at best.
    2) The BEST POSSIBLE outcome of interacting with an on duty cop is wasting your fvcking time.
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    These sort of errors by law enforcement officers are fairly common. Far more common than most know because there are grossly under reported by the national media.
    Nationwide 11% of police shootings involve an innocent bystander/unintended person getting shot.
    Only 2% of armed citizen shootings result in an innocent bystander/unintended person getting shot.

    And you anti gun pussies want to disarm the citizens and leave only the cops (and criminals) armed?
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    Notice how the cop intentionally puts his foot in front of the wheel so he can claim he was run over. I'm surprised he didn't just unload his service weapon on the guy. That's usually what they do.

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  7. a case of money envy (cop) and acting like a spoiled douche (ferrari dude)
  8. pspr


    When Worlds Collide. :D
  9. BSAM


    Sadly, these days, too many of our cops are little more than wise ass thugs with a badge.
    Not all, but too many.
    You never know which one you might be dealing with upon first approach; then it may be too late.
    Random citizen review boards should be employed in all these type instances, with their findings admissible in court.
  10. I'm generally anti pig but I side with the pig in this case
    #10     Aug 22, 2012