Cop kills family dog during traffic stop!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. That's a good point about cops being assaulted, but unless it was armed there's no way to justify shooting that dog.
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  2. I'd guess the value of the claim is 50 to 150K - maybe some more if it was shown widely on TV. Prolly lot depends on what the family looks like. If the 17 year old looks like he should be on Osbournes, they wont get much.

    County or city or whatever will have insurance.
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  3. I'm not an ACLU type by a long shot but I have to agree that cops are often unnecessarily aggressive. You only need watch Cops to see it. They apparently are taught to take control of a situation, but some seem to use it as an excuse to rough up some poor schmo who didn't immediately get face down in the dirt. Still, I wouldn't want to be stopping people out on the highway and never knowing if they were meth freaks or crackheads with machine guns ready to cut loose. And there is a certain type of person who just has to argue with the cop and cannot just try to make it as painless as possible.
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  4. trdrmac


    I see it both ways.

    Clearly there are police that are overly aggressive. And you can see this watching Cops. By the same token, I don't know that my second grade English teacher is the guy I want to show up if my life is in danger. There are certain personality types attracted to all types of work. I guess the Gung-Ho type is one of the types attracted to police work.

    A few years back in Hershey PA there was an officer who was run over by a driver who did not want to stop for the police or flatten his tires on the spikes the officer had just thrown out. So the guy just swerved his truck and ran over the officer, problem solved. The officer will suffer for the rest of his life. No film loops, no Connie Chung, just some disability pay and a write up in the Patriot News.

    I don't think most people would (A) want a driver like this running over their (child, spouse, lover) being on the streets. Or (B) would for $38,000 a year want to deal with people just like this day in and day out. Or (C) would be able to do it without occasionally lighting someone up with the billy club.

    Not saying it is right, but I sure can empathize.
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    I was a victim of a Cop on steriods,,,,not a pretty sight.. I should have just kept my mouth shut.........:D
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  6. You need to make an example out of a cop that acts like that. It is unjustifiable. No matter if he is pissed from dealing with scum. He can't take his frustratuions out on innocent people. He is a disgrace to his profession. There is no way to try to defend this type of behaviour. He should be forced to buy the family a new dog and get kicked off the force.
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  7. ...add an official apology from the policechief.
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  8. Underpaid.

    Cops are underpaid, no matter how you look at it. At least crime pays.

    Funny society we live in.
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