Cop kills family dog during traffic stop!

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  1. Wow:

    "Inside information is that you was involved" <snip>

    They give guns to these rednecks and call them cops?!

    Jesus H. Christ! Thank god I grew up in a nice Northeast Urban area! I would have never guessed the south was similar to third world countries!
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    welcome to my ignore list.
  3. Are you from Tennessee?
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    no, nor from the deep south, however blind grouping of any group of people in my book is indicative of a closed, prejudiced mind...You are welcome to your opinions, thats what makes the world go 'round
    I shouldnt have posted at all.
  5. You're right, I shouldn't have stereotyped the south. Just Tennessee.
  6. aphie,

    C'mon man, you live in or near PG county, the jurisdiction that has been under Justice Department investigation for most of the last 20 years for police brutality and misconduct.
  7. There are boneheaded cops in every police department in the country. Tennessee has no distinction there.

    As for the Northeast Aphie, didn't Abner Louima get sodomized up there by Officer Volpe?
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    Maybe the do gooders with the video cams could provide some footage of some of the 50,000 assaults committed on police officers each year. Just for shits and giggles. Of course that does not make very good news copy.

    Table 36
    Law Enforcement Officers Assaulted
    Type of Weapon by Number of Assaults and Percent Injured,1992-2001 Knife or Other Number of Number
    cutting dangerous Personal reporting Population of
    Total 1 Firearm instrument weapon weapons agencies covered officers

    1992 Total assaults 81,150 Percent injured 36.5
    1993 Total assaults 62,933 Percent injured 36.3
    1994 Total assaults 64,967 Percent injured 35.8
    1995 Total assaults 57,762 Percent injured 30.1
    1996 Total assaults 46,608 Percent injured 32.1
    1997 Total assaults 52,149 Percent injured 30.4
    1998 Total assaults 60,673 Percent injured 30.7
    1999 Total assaults 55,971 Percent injured 28.0
    2000 Total assaults 58,398 Percent injured 28.1
    2001 Total assaults 56,666 Percent injured 28.6
  9. the question is how many of these assaults on cops were of their own doing, ie the cop "encouraged" or incited the assault because 90% of them have to act like the macho nuttbusters that they are. i'd like to see the answer to THAT question. :-/
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    I think southern cops are seen as racist and dumb because they are. I can't put much stock in crime statistics from cops about assualts on cops either. The make that stuff up to cover their own ass. It all started when he hit me back....

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