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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by steve46, May 3, 2004.

  1. Hey Everyone:
    I made the mistake of leaving my router disconnected for a while and using Adaware I am seeing the CoolWebSearch malicious code appearing on my machine. Norton does not seem to recognize it, and other programs are not removing it from my registry. Perhaps there is someone out there who has a solution. I know that it is difficult to remove once established. As far as I can tell this is primarily a browser hijacker, but it may have other deleterious effects that I am unaware of. I would appreciate hearing from those who may have constructive solutions. Thanks, Steve46
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    Steve, try this:

    It's freeware, it's kept updated with all new variants of the CWS trojan, and it works.

    Are you sure you're infected with "CoolWebSearch"? There is so much of this wretched malware about, and it's very hard to clean out of one's system - but if you don't, it'll drive you crazy (the voice of experience, here!) :p
  4. Hello nkhoi:
    Thanks for that suggestion. I do have that freeware on my machine. I have used it and will wait to see if it works (I hope it is that easy). Time will tell. Once again, thank you. Steve46
  5. Hey Idoogye:
    I am sure. I have run a scan using Adaware and it found the code. I just had the machine serviced to remove the new "sasser" worm as well. One thing I have (finally) learned is to NEVER operate without a firewall or a router in place. Cost to me so far. 2 days no trading, and $170 fees to the service tech. At this rate, I should probably give up trading and get a Microsoft certification. Anyway thanks for your suggestion. Best Regards, Steve46
  6. Hey Guys:
    Just want to mention this for the record. The CWS shredder utility does temporarily remove the CoolWebSearch code but it regenerates and tries to change your browser home page. It may do other things as well. I have my router in place, Norton and Spy Search and nothing permanently removes the code so far. Too bad. Anyway I will miss another day trading while I take the machine back to the tech. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Best Regards, Steve46
  7. I had this problem , see my thread " help adware searchcounter !"