Cooltrade or similar.

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  1. Noeyedear


    Hi everyone,
    My first post and yes a complete newbie looking to find where to start before I start.
    Anyone here of limited trading experience used Cooltrade? if so what kind of results did you or are you getting? Firsthand experience more use than educated guessed opinions please.
    It has too good to be true all over it, but then again the idea comes across as sound. If it does what it says on the box with some pre proven strategies I would be foolish not to give it a look.

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    I have been using CoolTrade through Interactive Brokers for a little over a year and have limited trading experience. I have had a great experience with the software. I have a smaller account (under 50K) and if I liquidated my current open positions today I would be up a little over 45% net in one year! The software does everything for me and runs 100% on it's own running in perfect conjunction with my IB account. I trade in 100 share lots and IB only charges $1 a trade! Every time one of my positions is profitable it takes the profit and all my positions are hidden from the public. It doesn't place limit orders or stop losses with the broker, it keeps them contained within the software eliminating the daytraders and institutions from seeing my orders on a Level 2 screen. They have their own community board with thousands of users posting suggestions and strategies which I find very helpful. I suggest you contact the guys at Robotic Trading Systems as they are the reseller of the software and you will get the best pricing. I have referred them quite a few clients over the past year and I know they will show you the ins and outs of the software working in real time and how easy it is to make up your own strategy or copy one that is already in use. They showed me enough of the software before I subscribed to make me feel very good about my decision to move forward with them. I"m a huge supporter of CoolTrade and here is what I think their best testimonial is. They are partners with E*Trade, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, OptionsHouse, OptionsExpress, MB Trading and TradeKing and have been since 2005. If the software was junk why would all these brokers continue to allow their clients to use it?

    I hope this helps you but I would say at least contact the guys at Robotic Trading Systems and get a full demonstration of the software and then you can make an educated decision.

    Best of luck,