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  1. I've read a little about Cool-Trade in a few threads, and several times the question came up, "Is anyone really making profits consistently with this software?" It has never been answered satisfactorily in my opinion.

    So, here's my question. Is anyone really making profits with Cool-Trade, and what kinds of percentage returns are we talking about? Please, no responses from the owner or others associated with the company. Let's hear from the common folks using the software.


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    LMAO. I signed up for Cool-Trade to see what they're about. The user interface is a real POS. But then again, what do you expect from an ex-MSFT programmer. The windows look like they're from Windows 3.11.
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    I just saw the website from the trade from work thread and was wondering how you subscribers are doing with it?

    Looks like a scam to me.
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    Do you know if this free offer extends to izone users as well?
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    CoolTrade is free for all TD AMERITRADE clients INCLUDING Izone.

    To subscribe, all you do is enter your email address and a password (you make up the password), then download and install the CoolTrade software.

    After that, since you have a free account, when you log into the CoolTrade software, you just have to select one of the TD AMERITRADE login options:

    Login Simulatator (with the TD AMERITRADE data feed option)
    Login Backtester (with the TD AMERITRADE data feed option)
    Login Live (To trade Live in your TD AMERITRADE account).

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    Thanks Ed,

    Thanks alot
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    This thread still has not produced enough comments from real users of Cool Trade.
    EdBar- could you post a link to both positive and negative comments by real users?
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    If you search the board for "cooltrade" you will probably find comments and detailed discussions from actual CoolTrade users. Other than myself "the founder", there are no posts from CoolTrade employees.

    I think the problem you are having is that the CoolTrade members love the software so much that when they talk about it, they sound like employees.

    The stock market is not rocket-science. Because the CoolTrade software is a complete system and comes complete with working strategies, anyone using it is up and running in a few minutes with "real" strategies. So even beginners immediately start performing like professionals.

    Also, because the software requires NO PROGRAMMING, anyone can use it.

    Sorry if all of the positive tesitmonials from the other members sound too good to be coming from real users. But they are!

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