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  1. According to its website, Cool-trade requires software to be downloaded to a PC. Software has to be running and connected to the internet (cool-trade website).
    Are buy and sell orders sent to the broker from the PC or from the Cool-Trade web site?
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    The CoolTrade software (on your PC) talks directly with the broker. All of the buy/sell decisions are made by the software on your PC and the orders get sent directly to the broker. The CoolTrade servers are out of that loop.


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  3. Is a separate PC or separate copy of Cool-Trade required for:
    multiple accounts at the same broker?
    accounts at different brokers?
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    You would need a separate CoolTrade account for each brokerage accounts that it trades against. (regardless of whether or not they were at the same brokerage house).

    We run 5 automated traders on each server in our office, but those machines have 16gb of ram. Also Vista machines use a lot of ram.
    However, I have seen people run multiple automated traders on machines with only 2gb of ram.

    To run multiple accounts, simply copy all of the files in the CoolTrade directory into separate directories. Like:

    c:\program files\cooltrade automated trader\a
    c:\program files\cooltrade automated trader\b
    c:\program files\cooltrade automated trader\c

    You will find that the CoolTrade system is extremely easy to use, and getting easier all of the time. For instance, you can now just sit back and watch it trade, and it shows on the screen (without you having to click anything) the reason that each position is not being opened (i.e. the strategy rule that is preventing the trade), and for the open positions it shows many things like:

    *the Entry Price,
    *the Limit Price,
    *the amount it needs to go up or down to reach your limit target price,
    *the amount your position is up or down
    *the percent your position is up or down
    *the Net Profit/Loss (since you entered the position)
    *Today's Profit / Loss (since yesterdays close) so you know if you are havng an up or down day.

    Since the system is calculating and setting all of the targets and executing the orders (unattended), now that all of that key information is on the main screen, you don't have to click anying to know what is happening.

    Because the CoolTrade system is designed based on User-Feedback, it just keeps getting better and better.



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