Cool Trade Experiences?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Cburg, May 22, 2011.

  1. Cburg


    Dear Forum,
    I just ran across this service. It offers different strategies that run automatically, selecting stocks and trading them.
    Does anyone have experience with it? Have you been able to consistantly come out positive? Has it bombed at all?
  2. Bob111


  3. Cburg


    Hi Bob,

    Should I interpret that as a negative?

  4. I think bob is just a LITTLE confused as we have no clue what your talking about.

    ...cough name of the service cough...
  5. Bob111


    nah..i misunderstood the post,thinking that you are asking for some sort of examples of exiting, cool trades(the header of the thread), then confused with what exactly are you talking about in the rest of the message. whatever cool trade is-it's some f**d up name..
    as for real cool trades -once i made 60K in one day, in less than one hour :p now -that's was a heckuva cool trade :p
  6. AHAHA I Just realized :D boy do I feel dumb now.

    The service actually is called Cool-Trade lol. I misunderstood aswell.

    Unfortunately I do not have experience with them... sorry about that lol.
  7. Lornz


    I live in Norway; Every trading experience I've ever had has been cool... Ice cold actually...
  8. Cburg


    Thanks guys!
    Congratulations Bob; That definatly was a Cool Trade!
    You guys are hilarious!
    Norway; yes that's cool too!
  9. Bob111


    i've been in Vadso, Norway..damn it's cold out there..even in summer :p