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  1. I have a few great tools that I use that are indispensable.

    Virtual magnifying glass:
    Very cool for getting a closer look at crosses on MACD or True Strength Index and other close shots that require angle assessment for your trade rules.

    Great for managing exactly where everything opens on your desktop.

    Input director
    Makes multiple PC's and multiple screens into one big screen that your mouse, keyboard and clipboard can travel across.

    Allows simple functions like reboot, shutdown and monoff to be instant. I drop the monoff into my system tray of each PC and keep the PC's monitors off that I am not currently using. Very indispensable.

    Ultra tiny file encryption. I keep my password sheet in it. (I layer passwords in a super simple security system.)

    Best encryption software out there. I keep all my essentials in there so managing between PC's is just a file transfer to set up the PC.

    These are all super tiny freewares that have almost no footprint or are pure assembly code, but add power to your desktop.

    Very cool shareware ... might be nagware ... allows you to install but "not install" a program and run it in the "sandbox" to see if you like it. Keeps web browsing completely secure as the program is isolated from your PC.
    I use it to test softwares. I have 3 or 4 trade programs in there now that if I want ... a few clicks and they were never even in my hard drive ... period !!!

    Enjoy !!!
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    thanks. does anyone else know of a free worldtime clock for system tray, similar to ZoneTick but free? thanks
    (for forex trading to manage different timezones)
  3. I have a heat map.
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    very useful. thanks!!