Cook's Crash Coming?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sKaLpZ, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. US stocks fall on Greenspan remarks, housing hit. Reuters

    Mark D. Cook is predicting a major crash.

    Anyone of like sentiment?
  2. colewave


    Probably time for a 200 point rally prior to anything crashing.
  3. If I had a dollar for every time someone predicted a crash, I wouldn't need to trade.
  4. well, according to sources, Cook predicted the crash of 2000.

    Interesting to note: Soros became 90% cash by 5-2000 - basically he was out of the market right when the crash started.
  5. coasting


    Ha, I said that too but I was corrected. This isn't just "someone" we are talking about, it is Mr. MARK D. COOK, the famous wizard of trading. I was also told that when his indicator works, it really works well.

    A few others are calling for a top also and that includes people of the caliber of Sid Klein, Paul Desmond, Mr. Belkin, Mr. Dorsey, Mr. Davis and pretty much most market pundits I know and I shouldn't listen to. And to top it all off I am bearish myself (my signal came yesterday from the NYA composite) and that's why I am very unconfortable here knowing I have a lot of company. But I gotta go with the shorts even though I came late to the party, a signal is a signal.

  6. mhashe


    Could you elaborate on how Dorsey calls the tops? I understand he uses data related to options pricing. Cook uses a cumulative tick intraday count where he records # intraday ticks above/below +600/-600. I don't see any crash coming anytime this year. If it does happen it'll be around mid '06. The real estate bubble, more war, debt crisis, earnings dissapointments etc should climax right about then resulting in a freefall.
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    mhashe, check out mkt semiotics
  8. coasting


    I don't know anything about a "crash" but revisiting the April lows could happen in an orderly manner. Let's get there first and reasess at that time.