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  1. keep on radar and watch for breakout.

    I recently got new contact lenses and my optometrist; Columbia MD!! said he is pushing Cooper Vision products because patients are having better comfort experiences over JnJ products.

    I'm reading a research report and Wells Fargo basically echoes this due diligence.

    i am a technical trader but its obvious the fundamentals are good and the chart looks primed for momentum.

    >>yes I am long. If you want to take the other side, please post your shorts.

  2. well a few months late but this one took off

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  4. i use coo contacts too

    biofinity :D
  5. I wish I had gotten into these guys a while back:


    They make ICLs, which are basically contact lens that are permanently implanted into one's eyes. This can replace (or be used with) LASIK, and contact lenses.

    Oh, I did actually get this surgery myself (around mid '09) and have gone from very poor vision to almost 20/20 with no contacts or glasses. It is really a great option (not cheap though). I had them placed into both eyes and since the Toric version for astigmatism isnt' or at least wasn't yet FDA approved, also had a LASIK done just for that (I was too far out to just have LASIK done).

    I don't know about their stock now at these levels, but it just shows when a company has a good product, they can be a good buy.

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    the short interest is picking up. appears there is some historical resistance at $60 from 2007.

    anyone willing to short this here? apparently the $50 strike is getting action in out into May

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