converting price data to sound or charts to sounds

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  1. You could assign the bid a tone and the ask a different tone, and just have it play with a gradient on the price axis. It would be another representation of price besides a visual image. I haven't seen any software do this yet.

    If price is on the bid, tone persists, as size dwindles tone drops off and as size is added tone picks up. The ask would have a totally different assigned tone and same drop off and pick ups. Every trade at the bid or ask would just be a beat of that tone.
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  3. Thank you so much!
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    Isn't trading hard enough?
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  7. I look at the ticks, just focus on the chart. Having the sound interject when large blocks go through will help. I don't have to focus on the DOM or Timesales.
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    This kind of thing is for beginners....
  9. @bladerunner2049 - A lot of prop traders rely heavily on their trade sounds in the X_Trader DOM in a similar fashion. P$ is an extension of that concept..

    @wintergasp Thanks for the rat traders link - that is both hilarious and fascinating. Suppose training rats is some weird parallel with training neural networks... wonder what ever happened with the rat trader hedge fund.
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