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Discussion in 'Programming' started by First Point LLC, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I'd like to know if there is any way to convert the Pivot Point dots to lines in TOS? I decided to give TOS a shot as an alternative to my main software, but this issue of Pivot Points showing up only as dots (except when you zoom out) is kind of annoying. I saw an option to have the pivot points show up as lines in the appearance setting but that does nothing for me. I have no TOS coding experience, but I can figure it out if pointed in the right direction.

    I'd like for it to look something like the pivot points in the attached image.

    I would greatly appreciate any help.
  2. moonmist


    You may like to visit the following website:

    and download the script:


    It is free. Just import it to ThinkDesktop.

    Good Luck.
  3. Unfortunately, that isn't showing up in lines. Not sure if its the constant updates w/ TOS or what. But thanks anyways.
  4. moonmist


    It seems that the script is working: