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  1. Yes, I know how to have a forex account and buy CHF/USD (or short USD/CHF). What I'm looking to learn is the easiest manner in which to convert a savings account to CHF - preferably in a swiss bank. Being American is obviously a problem as I think many swiss institutions are preventing that because of the IRS these days, but my wife has dual citizenship (not with Switzerland) and can use her other passport.

    What's the easiest way to accomplish that?
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  3. have your wife, show up to a bank in Switzerland with USD
  4. I think you can open a Swiss account especially if your wife is an EU citizen. If you open an account with Dukascopy they have some sort of requirement you money is held at a Swiss bank, so I believe it's possible. But to comply with IRS you will have to report your account and its interest.
  5. Wife is a Russian citizen (dual). I don't have a problem reporting interest, I just want it in swiss francs. Thanks for the answers, folks (and the link, surdo).
  6. Just put your money into gold or silver. (if you wife is old enough to remember the soviet collapse, surely being Russian she would recommend this)

    I really do not think there is any benefit to having a bank account in switzerland anymore (unless you are trying to impress friends) I think its actually more of a pain to deal with foreign banks.

    But if you determined to do it, here is the number and address for HSBC bank in Zurich.

    Paradeplatz 5, PO Box 4488, CH-8039 Zurich, Switzerland
    Tel: (+41) 58 705 35 55

    You can call them and ask them about it. That I think would be the easiest way. Or just go to HSBC website and see what information you can find there.

  7. LOL so if she's older than 20?
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    with Interactive brokers you can choose your basis currecy. You can change from USD into CHF et alter...((cheap)
    Another question is, if you like to put your money into a swiss bank... lol
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  10. Aproaching the 1.40 level against the Euro again.

    Will the SNB step in episode 52?
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