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  1. I have some training tapes on VHS . I have a DVD burner on my computer. How do I convert them to dvd so I can look on them with my laptop dvd. Is there a program to record them without losing too much quality .
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    Check this out:
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    New DVD recorders allow you to convert VHS to DVD directly. There is no need to use the DVD burner on your computer.

    If you like to edit the content of your training tapes, then it is a different story. You need a capture card to convert the analogue signals from the tapes to DV format(AVI and WAV files). Then you need a video editing software like Adobe Premiere. About 18 months ago, I captured the content of a VHS tape to a desktop using Matrox RT 2500 card and the associated software and hardware. Video editing involved input/output/handling tens of gigabytes of data. Not every computer is up to this task.

    There may be some shops in your neighborhood specializing in converting VHS to DVD. They may be able to save you a lot of headache.:p
  4. If you have a direct encoding video capture device and/or a basic capture card and a fast enough PC - you can just feed your VHS video in and turn it directly into an MPEG encoded video file that you can then immediately burn to DVD (no editing required).

    Pinnacle Systems has a bunch of different products -

    I've got their Studio 9 DV editing software and I/O hardware for both analog and digital video. I use a 200 GB disk for editing projects, but just for directly converting (no edit) of VHS to DV you probably only need no more than 10 GB.

    Alternative is to buy one of the DVD video recorders, hook to your VHS player, and direct dupe a DVD copy or a tape.
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    Go to best buy or circuit city or other discount house. get a DVD burner. Just like a vhs player. Hook up to your tv Play your vhs and burn your dvd. 123 does not burn from vhs. 123 burns from computer hard drive after copying from another DVD