Convert Esignal Files for MS Access??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ilcaa, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. ilcaa


    Hi I use esignal and download esignals tick data which is saved as a EPF file (proprietary to esignal) excel wont work cause its limited to 65,000 rows so i want to bring it into Access but it wont read/convert it into a readable database file....

    anyone have the same issue? any solutions for esignal files to Access? thansk for the help. Max
  2. I believe you can open their tick data files as text only files for export somehow.

    Ask at They will be able to help you.

  3. ilcaa


    thanks I also have a post their....from excel its easy, but Access tells me its not in database or text format, and esignal only gives you the option of saving it as a .EPF file..
  4. nbates


    MS Access has an Excel import filter, however it may not be installed by can add/remove programs and expand the options "Import Filters" you install for Access.

    Alternately, you can save from Excel into CSV (comma sep. variables), then import that into Access.
  5. If you know the format of the Esignal file you can custombuild an import function throught the advanced options that you see when you try to import a txt-file.

    You can define the lenght and type of each field and adapt it .
    In this way you can directly import the Esignal file in Access, you don't need to go over Excel.

    I included a sample of the startscreen ( in dutch unfortunately) where you can see how it goes.