Convenient Side-Jobs?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Raize, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Raize


    Say you wanted to trade during the market hours, so that you'd need to work during the evening. You're relatively young and unattached. What kind of side jobs would you hold to pay the bills while you're figuring the trade out?
  2. There's always retail.

    Best Buy, Home Depot etc...

    Security gurard also works.

    Just a couple of random thoughts.
    Or were you looking for more of a career?
  3. Ebo


    Get yourself a stable of 5 or 6 attractive young female immigrants and PIMP them out to other traders.
  4. Oh God, those were the delivery, bartending, focus groups, UPS or FEDEX overnight warehouse duty, plasma donation, andrology laboratory donations, being a "guinea pig" for non-FDA approved drug testing and surgical methods..........the things people will do for money.
  5. nlslax


    EBO has the best suggestion so far.
  6. Pimpin ain't EZ but its necessary...

    Chasing bitches like Tom chasing Jerry
  7. Ebo


    It ain't easy trading from La Republica Dominicana ya know, man gots to do what a man gots to do to survive.
  8. Ebo pimps himself know like those philipino boys on 60 minutes...
  10. Bartending.. work at the restaurant,, not at a real bar since the hours are shorter..

    the pay is nice, my friend is doing it and trade full time.. of course if he's successful at trading he wouldn't need the job anymore :D
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