Controversal views

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  1. maxinger


    human thinking can be very diverse.

    Western - red means bad (price down - use red candlestick)
    Chinese - red means prosperity (price up - use red candlestick)

    Western - 13 is an unlucky number
    Indian (& Chinese?) - 13 is a lucky number

    Japan - OK to eat whale meat.
    many others - it should not be eaten

    some tribes/villagers - OK to eat dogs / guinea pigs
    many others - don't eat those! those are pets

    Iran - homos should be hanged.
    Others - homos should be treated equally

    Afghanistan - women cannot work/study
    others - women can work/study

    China - bitcoin is illegal
    El Salvador - bitcoin is legal

    US - you have the right to carry guns
    many others - it is illegal to carry guns

    PS :
    The above list is simplified / generalized and is not comprehensive.
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  2. Ahhh, the....human can be so weird, strange, flawed, ignorant, biased and every other word.
    So complex and so dumb/basic, at the same time. -- Just like trading.
  3. notagain


    Human condition, sad but true.
  4. tomorton


    Nature makes the world pretty. But people make it interesting.
  5. Note to self: stop injecting performance enhancing drugs in to penis.
  6. %%
    Interesting patterns;
    except 13 is not lucky or unlucky. Fibo number.
    And that's not really bad luck to walk under a ladder; its stupid if you dont have to.:D:D
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