Controlling GUI in WinXP

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  1. Hi folks,

    I would like to set up a computer with a user account that will only allow the user to use the browser functions without the ability to create/delete folders or anything else. The computer will have a browser with some trading-related info, but I don't want the user to be able to go to the start menu or do anything but to browse.

    Are there any solutions that would take care of this without becoming an IT guy to figure it out? Am I being unrealistic about what I want to do with this?

    I have seen it in Internet Cafes overseas where you can't do anything but use the browser. I would like to do the same.

  2. Good application for a Linux distribution targeted at kiosk applications. You can find one here for free

    that just runs firefox in full screen mode. There is a live CD so you can try it out by booting from CD.
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  4. The benefit of using a Linux live CD is that you don't need to screw around with your Windows installation.
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    Don't know how technical you are but you can go under control panel/administrate tools/ local policy and turn off just about anything you don't want them to do on XP(W2k has less funcitionally). As for setup up an account just create a user and when creating it will ask you what group to put them in. Put them in the restricted(User) group and they will have limited rights from the get go. Do the local policy as the second step. Create a short to the url that you want them to go to even if it's an html page on the computer and put the short cut in the startup folder. As for limiting create/delete folders many websites/pages create a folder under their profile temporary internet files directory. You can limit/make changes to the security levels but most of what you want will be in the local policies settings. There are sites around the internet that can walk you through doing what you want. Just google the subject along the lines of restricting a user in XP and it stood help.

  6. OK. This is the way I wanted to go. I have found what you are referring to and have already created the restricted account. I have put the link to the dynamic page in the startup folder and things are running well. I haven't gotten thru it all but will ask if I run into glitches.