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  1. Anyone know if there's a simple control or function available to download data from a web page and put it into an app? Like you can do in excel to put table data from a webpage into a spreadsheet?

    I been looking in the free places like CNET but cannot find one.

  2. using IE you maybe able to copy-and-paste the table directly into Excel
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    Look around in the Excel help file. This is definitely do-able and I think they even have wizards with XP
  4. I've used macroexpress to copy data from a web page, save the data as a variable and the sound an alert if that data exceeds a set amount.

    From Excel you access the web as follows: select "data", then select "import external data", then select "new web query"

    I believe there are functions within Excel Visual Basic that you can also use to access the web.
  5. There's all kinds of Visual Basic code to do that. Use Google to hunt it down.