Control is your Key word

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    As a stock trader your only real enemy is yourself, you live
    with yourself, you think for yourself, you have nobody to
    blame but yourself for not winning a trade.

    I have come to realize that to be a winner in the Markets
    you need to be a winner in life (your daily living) if you feel
    like a loser then you are one, if you feel like a winner then
    you are one it's that simple, you need to have contol in
    everyday living before you even think about doing a trade.

    Control is the Key ..... I always come back to to this word

    Can you Control your thoughts? Control your spending?
    Control your eating? do you know that a smoker who can't
    stop lacks control or the trader who can't stop trading no
    matter how bad the markets are they are all missing the Key
    word here

    Control.... live it day by day

    and you will see as everyday passes and the more Control
    you have over your environment the richer and better life
    you will have.


    Think he is lacking Control somewhere in life?