Contrived concern over Asian open?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by atrocious, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Markets were perfectly sanguine on Friday's close, and now all of a sudden everyone on the Sunday talk shows and online is concerned about the opening in Asia?

    Seems pretty obvious someone has an agenda to push and is aggravated the markets are acting nonplussed.
  2. JamesL


    If they weren't nervous before (and I don't think they were) the mention of the possible negative reaction will be almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. Deal, no deal, or close but no cigar will now still cause a selloff at the open.
  3. Illum


    Yea they hyped it so much, it'll have sort of impact. Another good ol market threat? Some muscle from the banks to pass some austerty? Good vol I guess. But getting tired of this massive govt in the markets all the time. Has there ever been a time a trader could trade the free markets? Not in the three years since I've been around. Command economy on the way.
  4. I am enjoying the uncertainty. Finally, my tax dollars are paying off.

    Thank you, Government!
  5. Yup. Join the bandwagon. I don't know why these idiots create this games, but we're player so let's profit off of it.
  6. heech


    I'm kind of doubtful it will be a big negative open. I think everyone knows DC is (potentially) just a handshake and phone call away from a deal... A deal that everyone insists WILL be done in time. Why would you sell if that's the case? If anything, seems like a good chance to bottom pick.
  7. Why would it open down big. The majority's trapped short into the weekend.

  8. zdreg


    you mean not the majority but the so called "smart money."
  9. Always plan for the worse. Always plan for no deal by Aug. 2 (in which case plan for emergency deal by Sep. 2)...
  10. the1


    Use it to your advantage. Government involvement generally leads to high volatility and high volatility is a trader's dream!

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