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    I have been trading FX for a few years now. I'd like to start a journal, mostly for feedback hoping there are more professionals here then at some other forums that trade more then FX.

    I don't know how I will do with this, but we'll give it a shot. I'll try to get a few trades a week in.
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    So I try and trade swings and the occasional intraday punt.

    I am not a pro trader, and I am trying to improve. I'd like to eventually get into FX exotic options and equities when/If I get the bread.

    I'll discuss my trades as they setup up. I'll have an entry and stop and somewhat of a target but that's the most discretionary aspect.

    Identifying a good opportunity and managing risk is the main priority.
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    lol quick stupid trade for stops into asia open. euro will probably fade from here.
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    Mixed crap on ECB and Draghi.

    Just heard this:


    ?? That seems risk positive.

    Looking forward to China data this week...
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    going into europe, I am seeing some negative articals from the Tele and FT on eurozone breakup... sentiment may turn a bit sour, looks like the fade was a good play, we'll see.

    us futures ticking down a bit now.
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    most likely going for 0600+ on AUD/USD aussie again tonight.

    will also be watching CHF/JPY later.

    EUR/USD showing signs of some selling up here. Any rally should be met with SNB selling EUR/USD on diversification.
  7. Ominous portent of China data.
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    Agreed. I think this may be the most important data of the week?

    China markets performed quite well last night, all of asia actually.
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    I am hearing that the market is still pricing in more easing in 2012? They must mean Aussie bond markets.

    Risk is for a less dovish statement, as expectations are strong for no change on recent upbeat comments from RBA Stevens.

    That should take 0600, but I would expect some serious profit taking above 0620 or so.

    People looking to fade a freight train maybe 0636/66.
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    ps - i love 4hr charts for FX.
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