Contract Requires Prisons 90% Filled

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Banjo, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Banjo


  2. Prisons "donate" to Brewer in AZ some money to figure out a way to get more people locked up.

    She knows the states is full of bigots.

    Pass law regarding the illegals.

    Prisons fill up.

    Sales tax is raised in AZ to pay for this.

    Good job bigots.

    AZ would be the capital of West Afghanistan if it weren't for Mississippi. I'm working on the map.
  3. Eight


    Way, way back in the day, convicted prisoners were sometimes "turned over to the innkeeper" according to historical records.. the inkeeper could do what he wanted with them for awhile I guess. We have the modern version of it going..

    I'm really sick of all these garbage brained greedy pieces of krap that make things illegal so that 1) they can sell it 2) make $ off of arrests.. I'm also really sick of the socialist garbage wherein people trade off their stupid economic insecurities to get some $ out of the pockets of those that earn...

    I'm thinking that the public monies are going to run out to support any of this garbage and it doesn't bother me. Americans can get up on their hind legs and earn if they want to eat, just let us have our basic freedoms and basic education back...
  4. I've worked in Mississippi and Arizona, I'll take Mississippi any time. The people are much nicer and honest. Arizona sucks from the top down, or is that from the bottom up, whatever it sucks.