Contract Periods

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by ac200, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. ac200


    Hi Everyone,

    I'm posting this because i'm having a bit of confusion regarding contract periods.

    I saw that the last trading day for the 10 Year T Bills is September 19th. However, i was wondering when i can start trading the December Futures.

    Right now i have a simulator account with E-Trade as well as TOS. On TOS i can trade December but on E-Trade they only offer September right now.

    Can anyone explain how it works as far as when a contract period is ending and when you can trade the next period.

    I appreciate it.
  2. There are no hard and fast rule with these things, esp w/trsy futures. For instance, the open interest is already greater on the Dec 10yr note futures, even though we're pretty far from 19th of Sep. So I'd say that Dec13 is already the front contract in the mkt, rather than Sep13.
  3. Try to use ZN Dec 2013, ZNZ3 or what's called in TOS.
    Or ask E-Trade support why they still did not add in the tradable/chartable list of instruments.