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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Xtreme, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Xtreme


    Hi traders,

    Does anyone know where I could get the birth date/first trading date for the following;

    Market Exchange

    10 Year Note CBOT
    5 Year Note CBOT
    90 Day Bank Bills SFE
    Brent Crude International Petroleum Exchange
    Canadian Govt Bond CME
    Canola Winnipeg
    Cocoa NYBOT
    Coffee NYBOT
    Corn CBOT
    Cotton NYBOT
    Crude Oil NYMEX
    Dax Eurex
    Dow CBOT
    Euro Stoxx Eurex
    FTSE 100 LIFFE
    Gas Oil International Petroleum Exchange
    Gold COMEX
    Hang Seng HKFE
    Heating Oil NYMEX
    High Grade Copper COMEX
    KOSPI 200 KSX
    Nasdaq 100 CME
    Natural Gas NYMEX
    Nikkei 225 Singapore Exchange
    S&P 500 CME
    Silver COMEX
    Soybean Meal CBOT
    Soybean Oil CBOT
    Soybeans CBOT
    SPI 200 SFE
    Sugar #11 NYBOT
    Swiss Market Index Eurex
    Taiwan Index Singapore Exchange
    Unleaded Gas NYMEX
    US Dollar Index NYBOT
    US Treasury Bond CBOT
    Wheat CBOT

    Market Exchange

    AUDCAD Forex
    AUDEUR Forex
    AUDGBP Forex
    AUDJPY Forex
    AUDNZD Forex
    AUDUSD Forex
    CADCHF Forex
    CADJPY Forex
    CHFAUD Forex
    CHFJPY Forex
    EURCAD Forex
    EURCHF Forex
    EURGBP Forex
    EURJPY Forex
    EURNZD Forex
    EURUSD Forex
    GBPCAD Forex
    GBPCHF Forex
    GBPEUR Forex
    GBPJPY Forex
    GBPNZD Forex
    GBPUSD Forex
    NZDCAD Forex
    NZDCHF Forex
    NZDJPY Forex
    NZDUSD Forex
    USDCAD Forex
    USDCHF Forex
    USDJPY Forex

    Any help would be great.