Continuing Resolutions: Rinse and Repeat

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Mar 11, 2011.

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    How long is this going to go on? Until November 2012?
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    The so-called Dick Morris strategy has this repeating right up to the election.

    I imagine the dems will figure out some way to react more effectively before then.
  4. I just don't see this as an effective strategy. So they make a few cuts. They aren't forcing the democrats to make tough votes in favor of wasteful spending that can be used in campaign ads.
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    10 x $6B = $60B

    The idea is that you get to a good number after awhile and you keep the dems refighting their awful spending policies continuously in theory keeping them off their own agenda by crowding their expressions of that agenda out of the news.

    I'm not saying it will be successful. I already indicated that I thought the dems would figure out an appropriate response sooner rather than later. But we are talking about Harry Reid and Barrack Obama so not exactly a brain-trust working out strategy for the democrats.