Continually need to relog on TWS...

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    Hello Guys,

    I have really limited knowledge on computer hardware in general.

    Recently I created some charts displaying up to 20 instruments that I watch in the morning before starting trading. The problem is it seems to use too much ressources and sometimes the charts never load. I need to relog on TWS to see the next chart...

    I use a Dell Precision T5400, 2.33 Ghz, 3 Go RAM( 2008 ). I use TWS Build 922.6 on XP.

    Is it related to my computer or TWS version? What can I do to solve this problem?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Use the free ib data feed, need to turn it on in configuration/api, to chart using free
  3. Right click on TWS in the start menu and click on properties. Look in the Target box and tell me what is the number before jclient?

    Why are you using IB charts?
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    Thanks a lot. Max Perm Size 128 M before JClient.

    I also use CTS T4 and Scarr Trading website but I can only chart 20 instruments at the same time on TWS.
  6. The charting in TWS is horrible. You should seriously use anything else. I know NinjaTrader is easy to set up with the IB feed, at least I tested the free version and it worked great. Also, if precision is important for charts, real-time charts contructed from IB data feed might not be 100% accurate, meaning a few highs and lows will be off by a tick or so. If you really need accurate charts,and not just the "bigger picture" maybe you should also consider using a separate data feed.
  7. trading spaces can multicharts scan in real time for stocks making intraday highs?
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    It didn't work. Charts are freezing when I try to load one "heavy" ( 10+ instruments ) on a 5 min time frame. When I just load on a daily basis, there is no problem apparently.

    Does anybody else has a quick fix or had this problem with IB charts before?

  10. Use multicharts
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