Contest - who can spot the seller leaving?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by axeman, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Monster seller on NOK, this morning...

    When you think the seller is TRULY gone, post to this thread.
    The person with the earliest timestamp wins.

    Lets see who has real tape reading skills.
    Winner will be determined by T&S.




    It's Saturday night...I think the seller has left. :D
  3. In my younger days I would have had a call at Merrill telling me 'exactly' when the seller was done and i'd have bought the last 100k shares from him. Too bad for time gone by...:(


    Oh to be young again (and still get that phone call at Merrill). :D
  5. And if the Gorilla was a rotational seller, ie., using multiple brokers, how would you know when he was done?
  6. If the stock didn't bounce right away then I'd hit the bid, take my losses, and hound my broker for a significant chunk of the next IPO to make it up to me. Capice?
  7. Ebo


    Trade Ya:

    I remember those days!
    We would cross 'em between the "Rock Creatures" and the institutions all day on the desk..............and for .06/share!
    Those were the good old days.


    PS: The really smart ones were not going long on a cleanup........
    edited to protect the innocent!
  8. Thanks Ebo, could have used all the relationships I could get back then. I didn't want to be so bold as to state the obvious (as you did at the end of your post). Suffice it to say that I made a lot of guys rich and put a few $$ in my own pocket at the same time. A good time was had by all! Best, Neal
  9. It's funny how I was happy to pay 6c per share back then and now i pay .00065 per share (yup, 65c per thousand). Times sure change!
  10. Ebo


    I won't bring up the jokers that put .10 even .20 per share commission on orders mid 1999!
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