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    Ñontest paradeThe Contest Administration of the international broker InstaForex reminds all its clients that every week and every month you can participate in eight contests and campaigns with total prize fund more than 500 000 US dollars.

    Moreover, having become a partaker of the campaigns from InstaForex Company you have a chance to win one of two new sport-cars Lotus Elise or Lotus Evora.

    August 1 - "Contests Parade" from InstaForex Company

    August 1, 2010, you have a unique opportunity to receive the considerable part of the prize fund from InstaForex Company, having take part at the same time in four contests among demo-accounts. The total prize fund of four contests is 268 400 US dollars.

    You do not risk, trading on demo-account, nevertheless, you have a chance to receive money to your real trading account.

    The registration for the contests, which start on August 1, is already available. Register now!

    Lucky Trader

    The Contest is held among demo-accounts. The period of holding - biweekly. The annual prize fund is 75 000 USD (3000 USD - every two weeks). Contests are held every two weeks. You can register in the next step of the contest during the current contest.

    InstaForex Great Race 2010

    Contest among demo-accounts. Period of holding is once a month. The total prize fund - 46400 USD. The Contest consists of 4 Steps and Final. The next step of the contest will take place from 1 Aug 2010 till 3 Sep 2010. The registration in the next step of the contest has already started.

    InstaForex Sniper

    Held every week among demo-accounts. No any restrictions for InstaForex clients on participating in every weekly contest. Within the series of contest 1500 USD are drawn weekly. The annual prize fund is 75000 USD.

    Real Scalping InstaForex

    InstaForex Company invites you to take part in the contest "Real Scalping InstaForex" among the demo - accounts with the monthly prize fund 6000 USD! Total prize fund of the contest is 72 000 USD. It is a monthly Contest, held every month from 00:00 the first Monday of the month till 23:59:59(terminal time) the last Friday of the month.

    Click here for futher details: http://instaforex.com/forex_contests.php
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    We have signed a long-term contract with ET, and aren't going to sever our relations yet. :)