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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by cnms2, May 28, 2006.

  1. cnms2


    Thanks for trying to keep it clean.

    Suggestion: instead of removing a post, better keep it there but replace its content with a note "content removed by moderator". This way everybody'll be able to see and remember who are the occasional and the frequent / predictable offenders.
  2. oh my gawd...I am finished :) I even forget to check back to see what has been deleted of mine...now I get a reminder!
  3. baron---ridiculous theories such as they were brought forward by uself?

    i did just suggested it cud be the case, never said that that was what really happened, but....

    didnt u say that firms that were bashed in the forum threatened u with lawsuits cuz of posters unfounded complaints?
    didn't u say that u get these complaints all the time?

    didn't u say that if posters are not ready to disclose their true identity u might as well be forced to delete the bashing and the negative posts?

    do i have a short term memory massive problem, or do u want me to use the search function and resuscitate your words [if they are still there]??