contemplating trading. Any traders in Vancouver B.C looking for advice&info

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  1. Hi .
    Iam very interseted in this new world of trading ( that is to me). Iam looking for some advice & information to see if this is something that I should persue.

    Is there anyone out there with some input on how to get started.... etc. I am in Vancouver, B.C
  2. Hi-

    I posted a message to anyone out there who might have some advice for a novice thinking about entering the market. posting from Vancouver B.C.
    Any thoughts ?
  3. Hi there. In response to your question. I think if your interested in trading and are very new to the game then the quickest route to gaining proficiency would be to start hanging around one of the pro shops in the B.C area. An obvious choice would be Bright. Basically you need to stump up a few thousand and use it as a means of learning than as a means of getting income. This means that your emphasis should be on not losing rather than on making much. Strictly 100 share lots. Aim to try and get some kind of training rather than than just learning by trial and error. But basically you need to find someone there who makes money and then copy them. Books are great but nothing is better than seeing firsthand someone who is pulling money out day in day out. Its priceless access and well worth the cost of tying up your money for a while.
  4. Thanks for the reply Big Game Hunter.

    I appreciate the input. I will look around here in Vancouver for a pro shop.

    Also, if there is anyone here in Vancouver B.C. who is interested in meeting to discuss trading please drop me a line.
  5. I 2nd those charts that Big Game Hunter posted.

    If you are interested in Forex you could try , they accept Canadian accounts, minumum 300 usd but $1000 would be better to deposit. The quotes from dailyfx and refcofx are the same, and match Yahoo's quotes and the Canadian news almost to the pip.

    Don't believe the negative comments people post about , I have a live account and have NEVER had a problem. You could try a demo account or just write down your positions and see how they go.

    A good start with Forex:

    * Open Refcofx account with $500.00 usd.
    * Leverage set at 200:1
    * Place only 10k orders ($50.00)
    * Each pip move is + - $1.00 (EUR/USD)
    * Each pip move is + - $0.86 (USD/CAD)
    * Maximum loss is your UNUSED margin without stops.
    * Good idea to set a LIMIT, currencies can spike up and down, nice to catch the spike.
    * Do not set STOPS to tight, currencies can spike down and up, you do not want to get closed out early.
    * Once account is at $1000.00 trade 20k lots ($100.00)

    Chapters on Robson Street has lots of books on investing, included some on Forex.
  6. cris ...

    have you ever bought and sold mutual funds
    have you ever bought and sold stocks
    how long has been your holding time
    after you bought them ?
    how old are you and are you single etc and working full time now making a good living and happy with things in general in your life ?

  7. Thanks uninvited guest.

    SethArb - I would have to say that Iam very happy and comfortable. The answer to all those questions is no. I have no background at all.

    However, I want to know and get involved.
  8. Call Rob Friesen, he manages our 3 trading locations in BC.


    Good Luck,

  9. Thanks Mr Bright .

    I had already sourced out Mr . Friesen as a contact and will be in touch with him shortly.

    All the best.
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