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  1. Crude front month to the following hit contango this morning... bearish sign despite all time highs?
  2. That would be my guess, although crude has a way of doing its own thing.
  3. "Big players" are messing around with the storage via bear-spreading and basis trading. Don't read too much into it. :eek:
  4. Look now. The entire calendar is now in contango, 25c a month. Mkt hasn't been like this since August last yr I think.

    This 130-140 area marks the top. I have my puts.
  5. hah... i took off my puts after that inventory report... going to sit on the side lines.. no use in losing money after bullish data. (and this probably marks the top.. bullish data is a sell signal in a bull mkt isn't it? heh)
  6. Gartman is reporting speculation that some big players are trapped short in the out months.