Contact Your Congressman - It's Our Only Hope

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. pspr


    While I believe we have now passed the tipping point for the fall of America there may be a ray of hope from a fiscally responsible Congressional House if they will act. There could be a slim chance for hope if government over spending can be stopped cold.

    I would like to suggest that each of you contact your Congressional House Representatives and ask that they obstruct further spending increases and debt ceiling increases presented by the President and the Senate. Use the link below find your Congressman and his contact information along with a template to edit into your own words.

    Dear Honorable -------, I live in your district and would like you to consider my feelings as you approach the end of this Congress and the beginning of the next. As you know we are now saddled with 4 more years of a President Obama and a Democratic controlled Senate. I feel that America is in big trouble with the majority of the electorate now realizing they can vote themselves more government benefits from the voting booth. This is dire and we may have reached a tipping point from which we cannot return. Our only hope for America is the Republican controlled Congressional House.

    I implore you to vote as an obstructionist to the ill conceived bills and spending the President and the Senate will no doubt continue to proffer. Please do not vote for any measure that involves more spending, more taxes or the raising of the debt ceiling. Government must live within it's means now and we must stop the socialist reform from expanding.

    Please bring the spending to a halt by voting against any and all of these types of bills. You and your fellow House Republican members are the only hope left for America. Thank you
  2. Ricter


    "We're all gonna die!!!"
    But, "nothing's going to change."
  3. Lucrum


    It's too late. There are no longer enough productive tax payers left. We've been out voted by the sheeple that believe in entitlement and big government.
  4. Sadly that seems to be the take home message gleaned from voter demographics of this election.
  5. We are all on the titanic right now. There is no way to stop the sinking. We can never pay back the debt we owe. Maybe if we cut our spending by 50% we could pay off our debt in just over 30 years, but that means 50% less money for education. 50% less for healthcare. 50% less for police, firemen, and you thought the lines were bad at the DMV now? See how bad they are when they cut 50% of the workforce to that! So we are on a sinking ship. Might as well keep the money pumps on to slow the sinking. I mean, if its going to happen anyway, give some of us a chance to reach the lifeboats.
  6. Ricter


    Grandma's redemption of a savings bond yesterday never happened? The money she got won't buy groceries today?
  7. pspr


    I like the Titanic analogy. Just think of Obama as the Chief Engineer on board and he just ran down to the deck with the hole with an acetylene torch to cut another, bigger hole to let the water out.
  8. lol, a savings bond? Is this 1980? Grandma can't even earn a percent in those savings bond and is cannabilizing the principal. She'll be eating dog food by 2016.