Contact information for Jack Schwager ?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by virgin, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. virgin


    Anybody has his contact info ? website ?

    the Jack from "market wizards" not the jack from elite :p
  2. Yeah we chat regularly over the phone like best friends :).

    I thought he was working out of London recently?? Not sure..
  3. blast19


    That's strange...because Jack told me we were best friends when we each pricked(sic) our fingers and pinky swore blood was something to behold.

    Then we went and interviewed a few CEOs and bond traders before having lunch overlooking the Venetian was something special.
  4. virgin


    Ah, a jackalope !

    Sorry, but Schwager is only interested in the real stuff
  5. ess1096


    I think he is now using the Pen name "Nancy Beaumont".
  6. topdown


  7. neke


    I once logged on to his fund of market wizards hedge-funds web site, and wanted to register. After asking for my financial information, they mailed me with a declination. Apparently I am not rich enough to be in his league. Looking at his performance though when trading futures (as revealed in his Market Wizard books), he did not do great with any consistency. Does anybody know how his fund of funds has performed?