Consumption question, dont people get satiated at some point

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  1. I know that consumption is 70% of our economy. but at some point you have to run out of things to borrow money to buy.

    I mean once you have a flatscreen in every room you cannot keep buying more. and there is only so much space for junk inside of a home.

    so aint there a point where people run out of available space to buy even if credit is unlimited? you can only go to the mall and spend till some level and then you cannot buy more since it would be pointless.
  2. No, because it's a serious fucking addiction in the US.
    It's just too damn easy to buy, buy, buy. Stores everywhere.

    Also, shit gets old, broken, out of style, no longer "in".

    Then people in a big house all of a sudden want to "downsize" and sell all their crap cheap. While others will "upsize" & buy more new shit to fill up their McBoxes.

    It's a never-ending cycle!

    Because of this consumer disposable society, kids don't give a shit about things bought/given to them. They just want more and newer things.

    The only way to curb such stupidity is to make things more expensive to buy through a VAT tax of say 20%+
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    The US marketing machine makes sure everyone keeps getting a bigger TV, more features, ...keeping up with the Joneses. Or showing off.

    In the USA we buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like. (not sure whose quote that was, but i like it)
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    Thats all the US knows how to do is consume, especially generation X and Generation Z. There is no limit on how much one spends even if they have to use a whole line of credit on a credit card to get what they want. I have friends that are always buying the latest technology, whether its a new flat screen TV or computer. I thought this latest credit crisis would put some people into a state of mind that possessions aren't as necessary as people believe they are, but it hasn't changed a bit, near me on the weekends malls are packed and streets busy with cars getting in and out of the malls and stores around me. Nothing has changed, if a consumer wants something they buy it no matter what the cost is. In this economy we are taught to consume from a very young age.
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    Kids don't care today, when they want something they get it. I see kids no older than 12 years old on cell phones, I mean is really necessary a kid has a cell phone at 10 or 11, even at 14 or 15 its kind of out of line but that's where society is headed.
  6. Why not consume? If one has to borrow and buy why not?

    10-30yr spread is suggesting some higher level of inflation is on the way. Gold is suggesting that global fiat currencies are less than highly regarded. I would much rather have my assets in "physical things," especially when I get to borrow cheap dollars to do it.

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    I can't believe you are getting responses to this question! I'm putting you on ignore for asking the umpteenth stupid question. :(
  8. They must be using brain waves to keep people wanting to buy more.

    I'm pretty sure the technology excists so why shouldnt they use it?

    In the past they put micro second advertisements of stuff like Coca Cola in the movies and on TV, they just stepped it up a notch.
  9. Tyler Durden said that in the movie fight club
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    Well you might be surprised :D

    For one thing those flatscreens have to be built-in or you're just a peasant. They must conceal when not being used. Its sort of a rule.

    And NOTHING can come from the mall. My gf says some exceptions can be made for the Beverly Center or SouthCoast Plaza lol.

    And you've got to have rooms. Rooms and out-buildings to accomodate various hobbies, right?

    Shave den (I'm looking for that perfect antique barber chair), chess room, billiard hall, library, out-buildings for vintage collectables, I mean, where you gonna put those old race cars? More garages for the daily drivers. Of course you want good solid furniture, lots of oak, gotta get rid of all the particle board bookcases etc. No veneers. Shop areas are needed for gun hobbies etc. Several of my friends have large hangars for other toys. :) I have a helipad but its no longer legal and I park cars on it.

    Its fun to have a few exotic pets. One of my friends has a couple of Emus running around the grounds (they can take on coyotes no problem, peacocks get killed right away).

    It ain't easy. All the locks have got to be Medeco. All the windows Pella. All the rugs Isfahan. That stuff doesn't come from the mall lol.

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