Consumers Revolt Against GM's Chevy Volt! Only 281 Sold In February!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Mar 4, 2011.

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    I wanted one at one time. It had a low-roofline modern coachwork and was touted as a pure electric, that is, the gasoline engine did not connect to the drivetrain mechanically but was just a generator.

    But GM lied, obfuscated and ultimately foisted this piece of shit on the public loaded with tax subsidies and now that people have realized its just a low-quality hybrid they won't be able to sell them. The range is a bad joke and the car isn't efficient.

    My theory is that there is no way GM , Ford or Chrysler is going to voluntarily produce the electric vehicle that ends their business of selling internal combustion engined vehicles. The volt was designed to fail.
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    The Toyota Leaf only has sales in the U.S. in February in the double digits. A discussion I read thinks the low sales may be a supply problem or that is what the manufacturers are saying. But there are new Volts available if you look at the auto sales sites so it may be that demand is just disappearing. If oil keeps going up, I'm sure they will sell more.

    I also read that in the cold the electric range is greatly reduced. So, some bad press may have affected demand, too. I wouldn't buy one.