Consumers dropping pay TV

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    I was trying to watch a movie on DirecTV last night, they showed 4 minutes of movie and then 9 commercials, more than once, I couldn't continue with it... forget that shit, hulu has enough shows I like and a Netflix account is very nice for all the great movies of all time...
  2. I've been reading more about using a hulu/netflix combo to replace normal cable TV. I'll have to eventually get around to reading more about how that works.
  3. I just keep threatening to go to their competitor and negotiate a better deal.
  4. 150.00 a month gets me cable internet, phone w unlimited calls and a cable TV. $5.00 a day is cheap for all that imo.

    But if there is a viable free alternative then hook me up!
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    I record most shows I want to see and watch them later. It takes only a few seconds to skip forward through 5-10 minutes of ads.
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    same here...there is no substitution so far for hi def shows/news and dvr...gotta pay..
  7. except for $12 a year, you can get Magic Jack, which for all intensive purposes, looks like the cable company's phone
  8. I am so annoyed with myself for continuing to pay $100/month for cable. If I sat down and calculated the cost per hour, I'd probably get even angrier.

    For me, the cable addiction comes down to ease of use. I don't want to do a lot of searching around the internet looking for content. After you pay the bill, cable TV requires almost no commitment whatsoever. I turn on the TV, and mindlessly flip through whatever is being offered until I find the least objectionable choice (or two).

    I live in the DFW area and just a couple of days ago I was looking for an antenna that I could mount in my attic to receive some local programming. Between that, my Netflix and some internet content through my blu ray, I hope to finally cut the cord.

    In the meantime, I am hoping some more palatable alternatives will develop to dumb down internet content for TV so that it feels more "TV-like". I saw something online for DivX TV that looks promising, but of course it in not available yet...

    BTW, anyone care to share some experience regarding antenna TV. how is that working since analog was phased out?
  9. I dont mind the added cost as I can walk into a local cable storefront 2 mins from my office, 5 mins from my house or call an American based call center.

    From what I have heard magic jack has none of these.
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