Consumers are spending more and they are making more?

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  1. U.S. consumer spending rose slightly more than expected in August, but inflation remained subdued, leaving the door open for the Federal Reserve to launch a fresh round of monetary policy easing.

    Ok, Im confused. The headlines are really pushing the cool aid on the populas. The head line, to the above articel read "CONSUMERS SPEND MORE AND ARE MAKING MORE".

    I think I'm gona stick to the Financial Times and stop reading all US based Finanaical Publications as they are heavy into propaganda right now.

    I guess the Economy really is out of a recession, heck only 420K lost their jobs and FED wants to print more money.

    Yep them consumers are making more and Spending more, RETAIL numbers are gona be off the charts! XMas shoppimg season is gona Start early!

    Or maybe Im just so damn negitive :confused:
  2. Getting back to square one, if the consumer isn't paying a mortgage they have more money to spend. OTH, I don't get the "making more". Maybe the copywriters are making more.
  3. Nutmeg,

    Brilliant! I didn't think of that. If the consumer is walking away from his mortgage, renting for less. Hence the more money to spend.

    That does make sense as one factor.

    The publisher is making shit.....It was CNBC...their TV ratings are in the shitter and their Net site is, a joke.
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