Consumer semi stocks are ripe to short

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Consumer sentiment is dropping and with fiscal uncertainty (no matter we get a temp deal or not), should affect consumer semiconductor sector sales in the near future. Networking semi stocks might still do a little better like Altera and Xilinx. I expect the following stocks to underperform the market in january:
    If you want to short the ETF, you can do it by shorting SMH.
    My highest convitcion stock to short in this sector is ADI.
  2. Time: 10:10 Monday 12/31/12

    Market is rallying and SMH shows strong weakness. I am adding to my ADI short.
  3. Keep puching. I still believe SMH and specifically consumer semi will go lower. Check out SMH and ADI today.
  4. I expect ADI to drop more today. Current price is 42.43 (Time 10:04). It has alreadydropped 0.58%). Lots of room to go down. Can easily go to $39 in a couple of weeks.
  5. Good morning. It is Wednesday 9:46 AM.
    SMH is up 0.88% and ADI just dipped below $42 (down 0.5%). Target is $39 in a month.
  6. Yesterday TXN also had a lackluster result and the shares dropped AH. As I said networking semi stocks are still doing relatively good such as ALTR, CSCO, IBM, XLNX.

    ADI will report on Mid Feb. I predict another lackluster result based on their last Q outlook for this quarter.