Consulting Attorneys specializing in Securities Law..

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  1. Hi,

    I want to consult some attorneys that specialize in securities. Preferably for free since I want to interview at least 10, to get the best fit for me and my organization.

    Any advice on how to find them (probably yellowpages, but any other insider sources I woudn't know) and how to do a free initial consultation will be much appreciated.
  2. I just did a search on Securities Law, and I found a great website:

    My goal over the weekend is to explore it further.

    Any lawyers around here.. please let me know. thanks..
  3. Free? Go to a nearby law school clinic for advice from the 3rd-year students.
  4. I want to consult the SEC lawyers before they come after me. How can I do that ? There should be a service where I can go meet and talk with them to see what is legit ??
  5. JayS


    They use to have a great message board with a securities lawyer that would give great advice, it was around '99-'00. I haven't visited in awhile.
  6. OK, you're the young braggard who spews absurdity about running a hegde fund and you have no attorney? You're the one who went to the "best" Ivy League university yet refuses to reveal which one (ostensibly because a LIE can be proved if you do fabricate the name of one). And your concern here is that the initial consultation is free?

    You sir, are full of s__t.

    Lights out at ten sharp; you have a long day at school ahead of you tomorrow.
  7. Don't post if you don't have nothing worthwhile to contribute..

    I'm trying to find an attorney that is willing to do what I kind of want them to do. Means, tweaking the system a little bit. Thus, I don't feel the need to pay everyone I see a consultation fee. Retard much ??
  8. You are full of shit. I have read dozens of your bullshit posts. You contribute nothing.

    Again, you had to have hedge fund documents drawn up by a securities lawyer TO START YOUR $3 MILLION HEDGE FUND. Try talking to him/her.
  9. I dear you to walk into a securities attorney's office and ask him to "tweak the system a bit." He will likely have his security department toss you out on the street. You think an attorney is going to sacrifice his career so he can tweak the system for you and do it for free? Double time LOL

  10. Ooooooh, I like you
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