Constitutional Amendment in North Dakota Would Abolish Property Taxes

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  1. Property tax is the best and fairest system to raise funds for a county/city or state's budget as long as it is based on the value of the property.

    If the property tax is abolished like in most 3rd world countries, then most funds will be collected from sales tax which is not fair.

    I lived in a country where there is no propert tax and the government collects its funds from fundemantal necessities like gas water, cable bill, natural gas and so on. Gasoline is like $10/gal, 1 lbs of ground beef is like again $10/lbs

    Because the govt has to collect taxes.

    Property tax is a much better system because it is based on the property value thus rich people pay more than poor. Sales tax is stupid and impoverish the poor and enrich the rich. As a result I have seen rich people live in million dollar homes and pay no property tax and poor people were paying 10 dollars for ground beef and 10 dollars for 1 gal of gasoline, 2 dollar for bread because of high sales taxes to make up for no property tax.

    Also, people had to pay 1-2-3% of the price of the house whenever they want to register a sale of property, 20 dollars for a form 500 dollars to connect water or electricity to your home. All these astronomical fees because of no property tax.

    Property tax is teh fairest best system ever built to collect funds for local governments.

    I wish we had property tax back home, there would be no poverty.
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    Exsqueeze me, Misterno, but this is complete bullshit.

    If the crooks who run the government want more money, they'll get it, no matter what scam they prefer to implement.
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    The United States Of America: A place where you can own just about anything but the house you live in.
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    That's the way of the world. Death and taxes are inescapable. Arguing over whether you actually own property or not is like fleas arguing over who owns the dog.
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    This may be a little over your head, Roark, but I'm in favor of taxes.
  6. Interest concept, but unless you can get sovereignty title, i don't see you can get away from paying taxes. :D
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    That's like saying you're in favor of death.
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    That's what is so damn beautiful about the way the country was intended to be..... ie: limited federal gov and most of the decision making left up to the states.

    That way if there is something you don't like or you have a better idea, it is reasonably easy to change.

    Unfortunately most of that power has been centralized by DC, and it takes an act of God to change something substantially at the federal level.
  9. Why don't any of you learn the terms: allodial and allodium ?

    You are a slave without them....oh, well, too many drones here!

    Actually, FireWalker had a good post ( called "global hierarchy" ) that explains a lot of what is going on in the world!

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