Constance Brown's Composite Index

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    I had posted this on the Trade2win forum earlier,and I am reposting it here,in the hope of finding some answers :

    This question has previously been asked on the Trade2Win Forum by Jesse Livermore II who had written:

    " Here goes ! Anyone familiar with this author, her indicator and book 'Technical Analysis for the Tading Professional.'
    Awful website....

    If so any ideas about her Composite Index that she so tantalisingly keeps a secret ? I found a Metastock formula for it on an Australian website, and it appears incorrect.
    (Incidentally this is a great site if you're learning Metastock code.) "


    I tried to access the Australian website in order to try to see what the formula was,but the website no longer exists.

    Again,I am asking the same question,as to whether anyone has the formula for the Composite Index either in Tradestation or Metastock format, which the author of the book is willing to sell for $895, albeit saying concurrently that anyone who reads her book should be able to figure out the formula,by themselves.

    Also,I would like to know anybody's opinion of her Professional trading career.I know that she was a champion Olympic athlete,but is she as sucessful in trading,as she claims to be?
    citing having prepared Eliott Wave International's short term reports for a few years,thereby projecting an extremely Professional aura and laying claim to be an expert in short term trading.

    But I would like to know from anybody whether her expertise in short term trading is as great as she claims it to be.

    Has anyone subscribed to her Daily Market Report ? I read one trader's derogatory description of her newletter's performance- I
    have forgotten where I read that.

    Also,is anybody using her techniques to trade,and if so,how has your experience been?

    I would also like to request Jesse Livemore II if he could provide me with the Metastock formula from the Australian website,even though it may not be correct,as he pointed out
  2. I know nothing about the book, but I have come to the conclusion that the best way to make money is to be a female trading writer, a female trading chat room owner, or best of all, a female trading "coach" /psychologist. So many lonely male traders out there. Much like a Star Trek convention with twice the false bravado. On these boards, any time a female trader materializes...well, lets just say its like the fat kid circling the ice cream truck.
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    If you enter "" into Google, it'll come up with 389 cached pages from - maybe you'll find some further pointers, like to other users, sites etc., there

    Best of luck,
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    the book was published 5 years ago, she said she will think about revealing it but her action since then had been on the opposite direction and the composition might has been changed since then, the quest for 'correct' compositions is futile imho.
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    What an excellent peice of detective work agrau
    Thanks a lot.I don't know how you found it-I had tried multiple searches on google and came up with nothing.
    Yes,indeed you are the super sleuth of the Internet
  7. Excellent observation. Even so, it would be nice if there were more female members. They tend to have less bluster for the most part, although they do, unfortunately, evoke the bluster and "machismo" of other members whom you so accurately describe.

    As an aside, I visited her website a few years ago out of sheer and desperate boredom, and can best describe her site as ...puffery.

  8. LOL:p Very good point. If Michelle Williams started teaching guys to trade, I'd be one of the 1st guys to sign up!!!
  9. Constance/Connie Brown's book, "Aerodynamic Trading," is pretty good. It's even recommended by Eli Tullis, king of the Cotton Pits.