Conspiricay Theory: Blueprint for War

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  1. Nightline with Ted Kopel had this title for his show last night. Seems interesting, and provides some insight on how to trade these markets.

    Here's what their introductory email stated:

    TONIGHT'S FOCUS: Several years ago, when President Clinton was still in
    the White House, and 9/11 was still not even a nightmare in anyone's mind,
    a group of mostly Republicans wrote a letter outlining a foreign policy
    strategy that involved regime change in Iraq, by force if necessary. Now
    that several of those Republicans are in key positions in the
    Administration, some critics of the White House's current Iraq policy
    smell something fishy.
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  3. if clinton had kept his pants on and focused on this problem earlier we may not be in this mess.same with korea. another clinton disaster.
  4. Uh, we lost over 2.25 million jobs and counting.
    Uh, we lost over 100+ Silicon Valley corporations and high tech firms that we loved to trade.
    Uh, we lost all the momentum in the markets and can only see gloom and doom.

    Uh, I laugh at that CNBC commercial, that is a commercial of the guy rewinding the CNBC tape of Maria B. talking about Dow 11,800 and NASD 5,200 or something.

    Uh, I laugh at the notion that there were literally more jobs than US residents and we imported by the 100,000's H1B visa workers to lower our collective wages and salaries, just to meet the demand.

    Uh, I laugh at all the Prop Shops that created all those millionaire traders and their wealth.

    Yeah, I guess Clinton really did mess things up.

    Too bad this guy is getting everything right.
  5. well clinton was like all the hi paid ceos like gerstner at ibm or jack welch at ge. when things were booming they cut all kinds of sweetheart deals for themselves and their friends and cashed in and left town just before the bill collectors came knocking.
    bush cant fix this. all he knows is spend more money. no body can fix this. it just will take time to work down all the debt that was built up.

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    Uh, hope that was all tongue in cheek unless you liked the trailer park trash squatting in the white house....that sold nuke secrets to the chinese, that engineered a f***ked-up agreement with n. korea, that refused the handover of ubl, that rented out rooms in the whitehouse, that disinfranchised the military, that sold pardons for a buck and left the white house with everything they could carry that didn't belong to them....what a f***k-eup sense of humor....
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    ...gosh, if only the things you say were true - it would take such a load off the current resident.

    The problem is that you are dealing in some half-truths, and a lot of outright untruths. But in any event, none of them have anything to do with the mess we are in now.

    Don't you just love it when the neo-conservative crowd lectures others on "taking responsibility for their actions"? Guess it's just a case of do as I say, not as I do.
  8. :D

    guess you set him straight on his facts...

    Listen guys, what ever your particular flavor is, I really don't care, just how can I trade on it and make a buck.

    Seems we all have that in common
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    I wish we had Bush futures, I would sell him short, because he is going to expire after this one term in office.

    Bill Clinton was the smartest president we ever had, a Rhode scholar, not like this moron in the White House who was born w/ a silver foot in his mouth and needed his daddy to get him in Yale.
  10. I'm not really into politics, but all I know is the economy was much better before GW.
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