Conspiracy Theory

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by trillenium, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. I have a nice theory :

    Somebody started buying Feeder Cattle and Live Cattle 3 months ago and selling Lean Hogs and Pork Bellies like mad. He/She is about to corner the market in that spread and then one day he imports a BSE cow into the US and makes sure the story gets public -- now he he is rich ......

    When you look at the charts then it really looks that way - any comments ?
  2. Don't you mean shorting feeder cattle and live cattle and buying lean hogs and pork bellies?
  3. Ya wonder why 90% fail at trading.
  4. Amateur Hour looms large on ET!

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    LoL, I thought about this too, but then I realized, where would I get a BSE cow??
  6. No guys -- buying feeder cattle and live cattle and shortening the pork bellies and lean hogs -- if you had done that last 3 months with huge sizes you would have pushed cattle prices up and hogs down --- then news break about BSE cow and you make a lot - Amateur ? I guess thats you

    Where to get BSE cow ? Whoever is so rich to push prices like that also have the means somehow to get BSE cow
  7. ... of course you you then reverse the spread before the news break -- but you made first on your longs and then on your shorts
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    I'm confused, if you were long cattle and short pork, wouldn't both positions have gone against you at the break of the news?

    Oops, you just answered that, ignore this
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    just bumped into this thread - can't help saying it: you all are wasting time.