Conspiracy Theory why Globex Halted (qdz5 listen up!)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by trader99, May 1, 2003.

  1. trader99


    Maybe the CME wanted to SAVE the trading floor so they created this technical problems on the Globex so people would stop migrating over to the electronic platform and depend on the floor?
    At this pace(volume in eminis rocketing up year after year), in a few years, everyone will trade electronically.

    How does that sound qdz5? LOL. I'm normally not a sucker for conspiracy theory, but wtf? Just feel like throwing it out there.

    Whaddaya think?
  2. lundy


    my theory is that the sec is in on it.

    they make all these rules to get daytraders to move over to the eminis, then globex halts and they will open it much much higher, or much much lower, depending upon whether the majority position.
  3. shyhh


    p.s. NO MORE FUTURES! :D
  4. gaj


    as someone who doesn't trade futures...

    what happened? thanks.
  5. when they open globex there is going to be a lot of trapped shorts scrambling to cover.might be a good play to short the cover pop.
  6. tmb


    It's good for the CBOT, as e-mini traders may go there to trade the mini Dow in the meantime.
  7. shyhh


    I went long on QQQ after the Globex halt. Still waiting for the futures to open. Hope we are right on this :)
  8. tomf


    don't they have to bust all the trades? .. if not LOL .. glad I'm having server issues today ;)
  9. shyhh


    Anyone knows whether the pit is still trading ?
  10. Pabst


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